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Retail Job Growth Rises as Spring Begins

Regardless of the terrible weather and west coast port strikes, retail job growth has continued to rise.

Prototyping Immerses Employees in the Brand Experience

Retail prototyping allow brands to not only finalize physical store details but also train their employees towards a new customer experience.

A New Retail Landmark in Brooklyn

JCPenney's unique retail design throughout its first-ever Brooklyn store has caught the attention of Visual Merchandising & Store Design (VMSD).

A Cinderella Transformation in 4 Days

To enhance its partnership with Disney and reconnect with its consumers, JcPenney partnered with Sparks to create a Cinderella showcase in 4 days.

American Dream Miami: The Next Biggest Mall

Triple Five Group is looking to expand it's record breaking line of malls with it's plans for the American Dream Miami - the biggest mall in the US.

Must Have Retail Technology for 2015

Mozu and Retail Touchpoints list out 5 technologies that are being underutilized by the retail industry.



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