Custom Fixture
& Store Manufacturing

Design & Engineering

With four inhouse creative studios, our value engineering team can work with your design firm or ours to bring your vision to life.

Domestic & International Manufacturing

The core of what we do, domestic and international manufacturing each offer unique advantages – we collaborate to determine the best approach to meet your program goals.

Project Management & Client Services

It's our people that make the difference! Sparks assigns a fully dedicated, client-centric team with a high-level, single point of contact responsible for providing world-class customer service.

Online Program & Inventory Management

Our proprietary web-based rollout management system can help you manage and deliver site and fixture details and schedules, order information with tracking, and view current inventory levels.

Logistics & Warehousing

Our global logistics teams know their role is a highly critical one in our effort to meet the on-time delivery requirements of our clients while maximizing spend.

Installation & Management

With a national team of experienced installers known for "getting it done right the first time," our turnkey installation services allow for deployment, faster and at lower cost.

Sparks is seeking brands that don't only want us for our good looks. We have brains too…

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